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Northwoods School Garden seeks to teach children where real food comes from while gently encouraging them towards healthier eating habits. But the garden is not just for learning about food and nutrition. It stimulates curiosity, encourages wonder, and promotes teamwork, responsibility and patience. It offers lessons in science and ecology, of course, but also math, social studies, economics, history, arts and literature. The Northwoods School Garden provides a place for our school and community to continue to learn and grow.

Construction on the Northwoods School Garden began in the summer of 2013 with start up funding from our PTA. It is a community project which, except for a guttering job, has been built solely by volunteers. An estimated 65% of the garden has been built using reused decking thanks to a partnership with a local contractor. We continue to strive to reuse and repurpose where possible, and aim to purchase materials which are biodegradable or recyclable. Our garden uses no chemicals and is watered with rain collected in a cistern.

Help us maintain our fantastic garden! The PTA is seeking two volunteers to help lead garden activities. Working in the garden is a fun way to interact with NWES students and teachers and an excellent opportunity to connect with other parents and volunteers. Duties include seasonal planning of the garden beds, starting and transplanting seeds, organizing recess in the garden, and helping with maintenance. Contact Carol Clark at and put your green thumb to use!

Visit the Garden

Have you visited our beautiful garden yet? Find more details on our garden Northwoods School Garden Facebook Page. Our Facebook page has information about upcoming garden workdays, events and programs. To learn more about the history of our school garden, check out this article from Advocates for Health in Action

How to find the Garden

The Northwoods Garden is located behind the school, next to the new modular building.

If you are coming to the garden to volunteer for the Garden Recess program, make sure to sign in at the front office before heading to the garden. If parking in the visitor lot, follow the new driveway behind the dumpsters, and come around to the back of the new modular to reach the garden.

Be sure to also check out the garden info sign, located near the carpool pickup. The sign is updated with information on upcoming garden workdays, meetings and programs!

Garden News

Garden Club – Spring 2020

Does your child like to play in the dirt? Does he/she like to plant seeds and watch plants grow? Is your child interested in growing their own food or learning how to compost? Then the Northwoods School Garden Club might be the club for your child!

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with Northwoods School Garden?

  • Sign up for Build Our Soil Program to bring compostable kitchen scraps from home.
  • Bring shredded paper to compost.
  • Pick up coffee grounds from local coffee shops and bring to the garden (Starbucks, McDonalds at Preston, or Brew).
  • Join Compost Now and have your compost donated to NSG!
  • Sign up to volunteer to take a small group of children into the garden during recess or morning club.
  • Join us for a weekend Garden Workday.
  • Sign up to Adopt-a-Week in the garden this summer!

For more information, use the form below to contact our PTA Garden Coordinators