Volunteer Interest form for the 2024-25 School Year

We have so many plans for special events, activities, and clubs and we need YOUR time and talent to make them happen.

When can I volunteer?

We are grateful for any and all time you can give, and we’ve created opportunities for everyone. You can help once or many times, for as little as half an hour or as much as all day:

Want to volunteer during the day? Check out our school-hours opportunities.Working during the day? You’re not alone. Many of our PTA Board members are working parents. Just check out our outside-school-hours opportunities. And please ask about your company’s volunteer policy . . . some employers, including the State of North Carolina and UNC, offer PAID use-it-or-lose-it community service leave. Spend as much as 24-36 hours/year volunteering instead of working! Come on, get away from that desk!Want to volunteer with a friend or loved one Sign up for an activity or event together. The more, the merrier. Have small children at home? Choose an opportunity where you can bring them along. Have a special interest or skill? Of course you do! Let us know what it is, and we’ll find a way for you to use it. Too swamped to commit right now, or just can’t get out of the house? Sign up for our On-Call List, and we’ll alert you to opportunities during school hours, outside school hours, and stuff you can do at home throughout the year.

Habla principalmente espanol? Suscribase a nuestra Lista de hispanohablantes, y le haremos saber cuando haya alguna manera para que pueda ayudar.

Why volunteer?

Yes, you’re busy. But your help is important. Research shows that when you get involved, your child is more likely to enjoy and succeed in school. According to the National PTA, Studies show that, in general, children of involved parents have better school experiences, higher grades and test scores, fewer disciplinary problems and more supportive teachers.

Volunteering benefits you, too. You find out what’s happening behind the scenes. You connect with teachers, as well as with other parents/caregivers. Your child sees that you care. Make a difference, make friends, and have fun!

What types of opportunities are available?

You can volunteer in your child’s classroom. Our teachers are glad to have your help. Or you can volunteer for a school-wide program.Your child benefits from these, and without you we can’t maintain them. Or you can do both! For a list of school-wide programs, see our Program Guide.

Questions about volunteering at Northwoods? Or want to get started?

To learn more about WCPSS volunteer registration, see http://northwoodses.wcpss.net/volunteer-information/. Still have questions or need more details? Contact the PTA VP of Volunteers, at NorthwoodsMembership@gmail.com.