Thank You 2020-21 Shirt Sponsors!

A big THANK YOU to all of our sponsors this year! Your contribution will help make our annual shirts possible for students and staff. We should have a preview up of the shirts within the next few weeks…stay tuned!   Platinum SponsorBalance Martial Arts Gold SponsorsCambium InternationalToward Zero WasteThe Poe CenterGamers Geekery and TavernPierce Group Benefits … Read more

2020-21 PTA T-shirt Sponsorships

Each year, our PTA sells business sponsorships to help fund t-shirts for ALL of our students and staff at Northwoods. The shirts have become a wonderful tradition at Northwoods, helping to foster a sense of community and school spirit…not to mention helping teachers easily identify Northwoods students during field trips! With so many of our events and traditions on hold or cancelled, we felt that the shirts would be especially important this year as a symbol of community and spirit as we work from home.