Meeting Minutes

2019-20 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are archived to this page. Minutes for a specific month are added as they are approved by the board at the following month’s meeting. 

Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting are usually held on the second Tuesday of each month (Refer to our PTA Calendar for specific meeting dates). Board meetings are held in the Media Center, beginning at 6:30pm. Board meetings are open to all PTA members! Attending a board meeting is a great way to meet other PTA members and to learn about ways you can volunteer. 

General Meeting Minutes



Want to learn more about the PTA?

To learn more about this year’s PTA Board, see Board Contacts.

To learn more about our PTA bylaws, based on NC PTA’s uniform bylaws, see Northwoods-PTA-Bylaws. To learn more about our Northwoods-specific PTA rules and regulations, see PTA Standing Rules.